Marina offers the quality and experience of top international firms that is affordable and flexible, to meet her clients’ needs and expectations. Marina provides bespoke services to every client which leverages her experience and insights to help strategically resolve their commercial disputes.  




  • Marina accepts appointments as arbitrator. Please submit an enquiry to have an initial conversation about whether Marina may be a suitable arbitrator for appointment in your matter.

Tribunal Secretary

  • Marina accepts appointments to act as tribunal secretary. Marina attained her HKIAC Tribunal Secretary accreditation in 2016 and has acted as secretary to a Presiding arbitrator while in private practice.


  • Marina acts as counsel in international and domestic arbitrations. Marina can work directly with clients who are involved in or may soon be involved in an arbitration. Marina also offers services as co-counsel and consultant to both larger and smaller firms who may require arbitration expertise and see the benefit of working flexibly with an experienced arbitration advocate on a matter by matter basis.


  • Marina works directly with clients who are involved in or may soon be involved in litigation before Australian courts and tribunals.


  • Marina works directly with clients who are currently being or suspect they may be investigated by an Australian regulator. Marina can also assist clients to respond to regulatory notices, even if they are not themselves the subject of an investigation. Marina is particularly experienced and knowledgeable about ASIC investigations, having worked as an enforcement lawyer at ASIC, where she conducted investigations and litigation on behalf of the regulator.
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